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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Bagdad Ramblings

I was watching the news this morning, and I must admit that my geography is lacking. I didn't realize that the Tigris and Ephrates met in Bagdad. I happened to be getting ready for work when I heard the bombings near the Tigris. I was overwhelmed with the thought that this must be near the spot where the Garden of Eden was. The pictures showed what appeared to be a rather barren land. We serve a God that is very familiar with war, but how it must break His heart to see what began as such an amazing, beautiful creation (The Garden of Eden) now a desert land, run by a man who willingly will harm his own people. Then to see bombs causing even more destruction.
Don't get me wrong. I understand why we are fighting this war. Some of my children at the daycare have daddies over there fighting for us. The symbolism just grabbed ahold of me. How what I described above so well represents what we have done to God's creation. To each other, to our environment - even how we have turned away from God's commands that were created to keep us safe and make our lives full. As the Iraquis are surrendering to us at the border, I pray that our people will surrender to God. It has been my prayer for the last couple of days that God will use this war to show Himself sovereign. Of course I want us to win, but more than that, I long for the world to know beyond a doubt that "there is one God in Isreal." I say this knowing that what God might choose to do to reveal Himself would probably leave me shaking in my socks.
Thanks for listening to my thoughts. Keep praying. :-)

Something New

In an attempt to continue building my new website without overloading my brain with HTML, I am playing around with blogs to see if I can do what I wish to do through this medium. I am going to try to post pictures and some of my ramblings and we shall see how it works. I think eventually I can get this to be an actual part of my website and not just a page I can link to.

Let me know if you get to this page. Hopefully I will soon be able to post information about my new business teaching Music and Movement.