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Saturday, January 31, 2009


I went to see the movie "Taken" this afternoon. It left me with a few thoughts. Before I go into said thoughts, I want to say a couple of things.

1) This is probably a spoiler, so don't read it if you don't want to know about the movie. I won't intentionally spoil, but I probably will anyway. You can always come back to read after you have seen the movie.

2) The previews that were shown before the movie disturbed me greatly. I tend to be a little hypersensitive but, if you can, go get popcorn during the previews.

3) The one thing I think they should add to this movie is a PSA (Public Service Announcement) at the end about what to do if you suspect someone is involved in a human trafficking situation and how to get more information on the problem.

Okay, now onto the movie. My thoughts, as usual, are a bit random so please bear with me as I sort them out.

I was glad that I saw the movie on many levels. I need to be reminded that human trafficking is a real problem with widespread and horrible consequences. It is too easy to shove that disturbing information into the back of my mind. I appreciate that they showed how easily girls can be taken and how quickly their lives can be ruined.

While the subject matter grabbed my attention, it was the father's character that really got me thinking. He would stop at nothing to get his daughter back. Now, I realize that some of you may find yourselves offended by what I am about to suggest. It is okay. Our blood needs to burn a bit from time to time. :-)

I feel like the father in this movie showed a great deal of the characteristics of the ultimate Father, God. For a while, I found myself thinking, "But no one could do all of this. No one is that good." That thought was soon followed by, "God could."

We all know the "sweet" story of how God came to earth to die and save people from sin. What if God's heart carries a passion similar to that of the main character of this film? What if His desire to have us home "safe and sound" looks that desperate. Unconditional. Nothing allowed to stand in the way. No risk too great. What if He was willing to fight through all of those trying to use, abuse, and possibly even kill us? Even when we made the choices that put us into the situation? Even when we were not in good relationship with Him?

What if God were that kind of Father? How could I help but love Him, adore Him?

Last week, Jordan (my pastor) challenged our view of a shepherd and suggested maybe we think "cowboy" instead. This movie prompted me to take a step even further. After all, doesn't the Bible describe God as all of those things mentioned above? Faithfully warning His children about the danger their choices will bring. Faithfully pursuing them to save them and set them free, even after they made those very choices. Fighting the darkness of this world. Desperate for us to come home. This is not a gentle, mild mannered, paper pusher. This is someone dangerous to evil.

What if it is His job to take out the evil and our job to help clear the way? Honestly, I do not have the strength, nor the skill set (and probably not the stomach) to take down a human trafficking ring. I doubt I could even stop gang activity in the inner city. But I can help clear the way. I can pray. I can introduce people to God. I can listen to His voice, trust Him, and do what He says. I can have my eyes open to both the physical and spiritual realms and be aware of how both are effecting the world around me. I could administer the IV to the rescued girl while He finishes wrangling the "bad guys." (Metaphorical ref. to the movie.) I could provide my resources. I could heal. I could deliver. I could be God's sidekick.

So much to ponder. . .